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Check your car, and you’ll know for sure. The causes differ, but the signs are almost always the same.

If you see a colored puddle of coolant under your car, you have a leak, and you will need a radiator repair from a mobile mechanic.The worst time to realize you need to replace your radiator is when you’re driving around Chicago.

Mobile Mechanics of Chicago has tons of expertise in mobile radiator repair, and we’ll get you back on the road fast.

In the shortest time possible, we’ll have a mobile mechanic from Chicago with you, no matter where or when you’re stuck 24/7.

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Coolant Leaking

Although radiators have some protection, they are vulnerable toflying debris. Besides this, coolant leaks can stem from corrosion, split or worn hoses, and high temperatures.

Leaks are often involved in radiator repair issues; you will see this from a leak under your car.

With slow leaks, you can top up your system with water and make it home, yet you will be stuck in Chicagoshould you lose all the radiator coolant.

It is safer to contact Mobile Mechanics of Chicago tosend a professional mobile mechanic once you notice yourleak. Common areas for leaks are:

  • Split radiator hoses
  • The radiator cap leaks or is missing
  • You have a head gasket issue where water mixes with the oil
  • The water pump is worn or broken

Rising Temperatures

On your dash is usually a temperature gauge. As you start your vehicle, this goes from cold to the operating temperature. If the needle continues to rise, then it is a sign you have a radiator repair pending.

If it keeps getting hotter, you could see steam pouring from beneath the hood. What you won’t see is your engine oil getting too hot and your engine is damaged. If this happens, you need a mobile mechanic.

Reasons for temperature increases include:

  • Faultyand broken water pumps
  • Stuck thermostats
  • Faulty temperature sensors
  • Radiator fans and heater hoseproblems
  • Blocked radiator
  • Broken or missing radiator cap
  • No coolant

Any of the above can contribute to you needing radiator repair. Once you experience such issues, contact us, and we can dispatch a Chicago mobile mechanic for car tune up.

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“My car was filling with steam, and I thought my engine was fried. Mobile Mechanics of Chicago found a split hose spewing water on the engine. It took 30 minutes to fix, and I was no longer stuck. Highly recommended, and will call again.”

Chicago Mobile Mechanic - Radiator Flush

Ask our mobile mechanics to perform a radiator flush when you have regular service. Such a service takes place just every couple of years, and it helps to keep the engine cool in the summer, as it does warm in the winter cold.

You will reduce the chances of radiator repair in Chicago by ensuring you have no blocked hoses or faulty sensors. Don’t wait to call Mobile Mechanics of Chicago before steam pours from your engine. To ensure that your cooling system does what it is supposed to do, schedule a mobile mechanic.

Our phone lines are open 24/7 for all your needs and concerns, so you’ll have the utmost faith that you will not be left with no way of traveling.

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